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In-Home Lice Removal Service

  • We have 20 Lice Treatment Centers located nationwide.

  • Our treatment is proven and comes with a 100% guarantee.

  • Over 150,000 successful treatments.

  • Our clinics are available in 330 locations worldwide.

  • We boast 1548 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.

  • We are the only lice removal company that provides FREE lice screenings.


Join The Thousands Of People Who Became Lice Free!​

Lice Removal Broward Fl Home visit, Boca Raton, Coral Springs

How it Works

Our expertise lies in four primary service categories: Treatment Center, In-Home Service, Home Inspection & Cleaning, and Camp & School Lice Screenings.


We work to provide same day service whether in our clinic or by house call

We come to you

Arrive at our salon clinic or our experts arrive at your home

Lice free children

You receive a certification stating that you have been treated by our company

In-Home Lice Removal Service

Experience 100% guaranteed, pesticide-free nit and head lice removal with NitPickyUSA. Schedule your at-home treatment today for a hassle-free and discreet solution.

Eliminating parasites and nits (eggs) is simple, painless, and budget-friendly. Want to avoid the potential discomfort of a salon visit? We understand and offer a professional, at-home lice removal service for your convenience and privacy. One phone call brings our team to your home, fully equipped to handle the job.

The embarrassment of discussing a lice infestation is a concern for many. At NitPickyUSA, we honor your privacy, offering the option to book our expert lice removal services from the comfort of your home. You can trust in our professional, confidential approach.

✅ Lice removal services – pesticide free, non-toxic, chemical-free treatment.

✅ Safe, physician recommended.

✅ Treatment is proven and 100% guaranteed.

✅ Head lice screening and treatment at the same time (if needed).

✅ Only one appointment – severe cases a retreatment is required for a $60 Fee.

✅ Child-friendly, relaxing environment.

✅ Convenient extended evening and weekend hours.

✅ Professional, discreet, confidential.

✅ Same day appointments.

✅ Treatment for adults and children.

✅ Professional, discreet, confidential.

✅ One affordable flat rate – no hourly charges or hidden fees.

✅ Health insurance reimbursement forms provided (check with your provider to see if your plan covers services).

About Service

Natural vs. Chemical Lice Removal: An In Depth Analysis by NitPickyUSA

Lice removal Near me

All Natural Lice Removal

  • Main Components: Non-toxic, often plant-based ingredients.

  • Effectiveness: Highly effective when applied correctly; removes both lice & nits through physical methods like combing.

  • Application Process: Gentle on the scalp; can be reapplied multiple times without adverse effects.

  • Side Effects: No chemical burns or irritation.

  • Environmental Impact: Features biodegradable ingredients with minimal harm to aquatic life.

  • Duration of Treatment: Only one treatment required.

  • Resistant Lice: Less likely to develop resistance due to physical removal.

  • Safety: Safe for children and pregnant women.

  • Post-Treatment Care: Basic home cleaning.

  • Overall Experience: Gentle, holistic approach with an emphasis on prevention and education.

lice treatment near me

Chemical/Prescription Pesticides

  • Main Components: Chemical pesticides.

  • Effectiveness: Ineffective, resistant strains of lice can pose challenges; mainly targets live lice, nits remain alive.

  • Application Process: Potential for skin irritation; limited repetition due to side effects and burns.

  • Side Effects: Can include skin irritation, allergic reactions, and potential nervous system toxicity.

  • Environmental Impact: Features non-biodegradable components harmful to aquatic life.

  • Duration of Treatment: Multiple treatments required, and possible side effects.

  • Resistant Lice: Overuse can lead to "super lice" resistant to common treatments.

  • Safety: Some treatments not advised for young children or pregnant/nursing women.

  • Post-Treatment Care: Specific aftercare is essential to minimize side effects; caution against concurrent chemical treatments.

  • Cost: Generally less expensive initially, but costs can accumulate with repeated treatments.

  • Overall Experience: Often ineffective, with harmful side effects.

As Seen On The News

Our revolutionary head lice treatment method is on the news. Effective lice procedure takes only 1 hour!
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